Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Tinting Coarse

For Experienced PMU Professionals our Graduating Students

Preeya's Eyeliner and Lip training program is designed for those experienced permanent makeup artists that have already been practicing microblading and eyebrow shading. If you have only been trained in microblading, you will be required to take our eyebrow shading workshop prior to taking the Eyeliner and Lip PMU course. Eyeliner, Lip and Eyebrow techniques are each very unique and different and require special focus and training. Eyeliner can be extremely challenging but is an important addition to any permanent makeup studio that will separate you from other studios that just do microblading. Once mastered, permanent eyeliner can add significant revenue to your business. Permanent lip tinting is amazing and gaining popularity. Every studio should be offering this service to their clients.

Class Details

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US Hands-on training on live models. (you must provide models) Training with products from different vendors. Training in the setting of an operating, state-of-the-art permanent makeup facility licensed by the State of North Carolina. With our program, you will learn the safest, most effective permanent makeup application and techniques. On successful completion of the program requirements, you will receive certification of completion.

It is important for all students to understand that we are a fully operating permanent makeup studio as well as a studio that teaches classes. We DO NOT stop seeing clients in our studio in most cases while you study and learn with us. We provide a much more in-depth program and teaching environment and spend more time with each permanent makeup student than any permanent makeup school that we know of anywhere. Furthermore, in almost all cases, we cater to each student’s available times due to their own personal schedule restrictions but we also must be available to our clients as needed. The only exception to this is on scheduled model days. During these times, we do not have our clients in the studio. If you feel that this type of learning environment is not suitable or adequate for you, we encourage you to look elsewhere for classes. 

This class does not provide a student kit. As professionals I am sure you have your own PMU machine. However you will have access to the machines we use in our studio and are available for you to order if you like them. You also by now, have your favorite pigment supplier. However, eyebrow and lip procedures require careful consideration of the products that you use and a review of these products is part of the program.

Cost of Program - $1500.00

Length of Program - 2 Days

Models - 2

You are required to obtain your own temporary tattoo license from Wake County at the cost of $100.00 before starting the class.